Send free faxes

I know this doesn’t happen very often but every once in a while I end up with a form or something that can be faxed rather than mailed.  This saves an envelope, postage and delivery time, not to mention the time and gas spent for me to drive almost 20 miles one way to the nearest fax service plus the fees charged for sending it.

But what if you don’t have a fax machine at home?  I certainly don’t, but I do have Google and searched one day for free faxing online and sure enough it is possible.

So I have now used two services to send free faxes.  The first is Fax Zero, which allows a max of 3 pages plus the cover.  This is usually the one I use because most items are only one page.  However, I ended up having one that was several pages and searched for a service that allows more pages while still being free and found MyFax.  (Only the first fax may be free with MyFax.)  I have had success with all of the faxes I have sent with both services.

Don’t you just love free?


Savings potpourri

finance_piggy_bank_coins_lineartI’m always looking for ways to cut costs and love to share ideas with others.  That’s why I an excited to share this neat package of lots of money saving ideas put together by the University of Missouri Extension.  Living on Less gives a comprehensive list of cost cutting ideas in several areas.

I have yet to try every possible way of saving money so I am committing to trying all the items on this list (that apply to my family and our lifestyle) before the end of 2014.  I will post details here when I try something on the list so stay tuned, and please feel free to share out any of the ideas that you try!

Oh, and I love the cool little check boxes next to each one!  (I cannot control my compulsive tendencies, which include the need to check off things on a list.)

Old school land line (and internet) savings

lady on phoneDo you still have a land line phone?  You  know, a real phone that has an actual wired connection?  We do, and I know many people around here that still rely on this old fashioned communication device, mostly because cell reception is often spotty in our very rural area.  As another bill to pay every month, I’m always looking for ways to keep the land line bill as low as possible and being the resource maven that I am, I came across a program offered by our local telephone company and thought I would pass it along to anyone who may qualify.

CenturyLink offers savings of up to $12.75 per month on home phone service through their Lifeline program.  The application is short and simple, and the qualifications are reasonable so  it’s certainly worth checking out the program details.  In addition, CenturyLink also offers a discount program for internet so you may want to check that out also if you have their internet service available in your area.