Embracing change

Change used to be very difficult for me.  For the first 33 years of my life, I reacted horrendously when anything at all in my life was altered, whether it was big life-changing catalysts or even fluctuating shifts in daily minutia.  As you can imagine, this made for a not-very-blissful life.  God has blessed me in recent years to be more accepting of change and open to the resulting opportunities.  And how wonderful it is to live a life open to change rather than in constant dread!

I can readily admit that the blissful state of my life currently would not be possible had it not been for change.  Change was required to embrace the love God feels for me and to live the new life Jesus made for me rather than constantly be burdened by the past.  Change was required to strengthen our marriage so that we could mature out of the unhealthy relationship we previously had into one of love and nurturing, in order to provide a stable, loving home for our daughters.  Change was required to accept the gift of a building site for our forever home next to my in-laws and give up on my dream of the “perfect land” that I had envisioned for so many years.  (Please note that it was the difference in the available plot of land and my dream farm that was hard for me and not the fact that it put us in very close proximity to my in-laws.  They are wonderful parents and living so close to them was actually what tipped the scale in favor of building our home here.)

Every stage of life and probably even every single day ushers in some sort of change, sometimes small and other times huge.  It seems that change is inevitable in the world system we currently live.  What I have learned through many years of fighting off change and just a few short years of embracing change is that change is going to happen no matter how much I don’t like it or want it to, but my life is much more blissful (and blessed) if I can accept it and find the beauty in every change rather than spend so much of my life energy struggling against it or looking into the past and wishing change had never happened.  The peace I have found in this one area of life has immeasurably altered my walk through life, and that is a very blissful thing!