Work from home: Medical Transcription

So my “real” job, which I do entirely from home, is medical transcription.  I have done it full-time and part-time and right now I am doing it part-part-time, which means I do it whenever I have extra time.  I trained at home through the Career Step program and found it to be an excellent training program in that I was actually ready and able to go straight to work after going through the program.

This occupation has been a blessing to our family during the times we have needed a second income and has allowed me to be at home with our daughters even while working.  It wasn’t always easy to juggle working 30-40 hours a week along with my mom, wife, and homemaker duties, but it was easier than if I had a job outside the home.

If your budget needs a boost or maybe you would like to learn a skill and find an occupation that you can enjoy and still be home, I highly recommend medical transcription to anyone who likes to listen, type, and correct grammar!  You can find more information on the Career Step program at my affiliate page, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


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