Chicken Cacciatore

Do you love Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman?  Yes, so do I, and I have yet to try one of her recipes that is not amazingly yummy and well-received by my family.  The latest is her Chicken Cacciatore, which I found on her website.

Now, I’m not going to bother retyping that recipe onto this page, but I will send you to her beautiful page where you can get the recipe and even see the gorgeous photos she posted (because you know I don’t take pics of my food yet), and I will also tell you that this is a divine food to prepare for your family.  Or friends.  Or pastor.  Or complete strangers.  I would even cook this for my dog, whom I cook for on a daily basis.

Please take a moment to peruse Ree’s recipe, and I’ll wait here for you.

(Cue Final Jeopardy! music……..)

Great, now let me tell you the two wee changes I made:

1)  I used chicken broth instead of white wine.  Mostly because I haven’t been able to convince myself I like wine (yet) and partly because even if I did like wine, I’m too frugal/cheap to buy it.  Maybe one day that will change.

2)  I added chopped carrots along with the other vegetables.  Hey, I just like carrots, and they felt left out when I took every single vegetable out of the drawer except for them.  Whatev, Carrots!  So into the pot they went.

Cook this and then eat it (and have seconds and eat it again for lunch the next day because it reheats amazingly well) and then let me know what you think and if you made any alterations!


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