Old school land line (and internet) savings

lady on phoneDo you still have a land line phone?  You  know, a real phone that has an actual wired connection?  We do, and I know many people around here that still rely on this old fashioned communication device, mostly because cell reception is often spotty in our very rural area.  As another bill to pay every month, I’m always looking for ways to keep the land line bill as low as possible and being the resource maven that I am, I came across a program offered by our local telephone company and thought I would pass it along to anyone who may qualify.

CenturyLink offers savings of up to $12.75 per month on home phone service through their Lifeline program.  The application is short and simple, and the qualifications are reasonable so  it’s certainly worth checking out the program details.  In addition, CenturyLink also offers a discount program for internet so you may want to check that out also if you have their internet service available in your area.


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